How I make the CDs

To understand well the process, see the images. After I print the covers (160 gr for cover and 120 gr for cd paper), I cut with cutter and meter stick all the covers. I use normal glue to stick the cover, since it is how best result has. About the cd, I use the template and draw the little circle. Then with the cutter I do some holes, and cut it with scissors. For a more perfect result, I use that cds box to perfect the cut of the inner circle. With cutter, I improve it. After that, I use spray glue to stick it to the cd, and use scissors to cut the leftover paper. And that is!

Shipping Costs

This is an aproximation to have an idea about the shipping costs. Each cd has a weight of aproximately 22gr. You have to add the package too (10-20 gr). This, along with the fact I craft the cds by hands, are the main reasons I prefer to be contacted if you want a physical cd. Use the mail or the facebook page the contact me.

Parcels 1-50gr
For Europe: 4,28€
For rest of the world: 4,64€

Parcels 51-100gr
For Europe: 5€
For rest of the world: 5,86€

Parcels 101-1000gr (1kg)
For Europe: 9,01€
For rest of the world: 12,57€

Reaching 1kg the price is higher but as I doubt I go to send a package with a weight of 1kg I don't find useful to post more prices here.


Trostlosigkeit Era



Songs für eine ferne Liebe

Summoning Tribute

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III

Best Of

Lands Era

The Mourning Woodlands

The Infinite Dreamlands

The Forgotten Realmlands


Rammstein - Das Orchester

Divina Commedia

Film Melodien

Norse Era





For Syria

The Lays of Assiriand 2016 Albums


Nanë e Unnoë Narmethë

Nanë e Ceaneth

Nanë e Assiriand OST


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