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Fegefeuer Anilmathiel: The Meaning


            When I started my project some years ago, I even hadn’t name. Later, I read the Divine Comedy, because I played the game Dante’s Inferno and I really liked it. After that, the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri is one of my favourite books. Just being curious, I looked how the word “Purgatory” sounds in german. Why in german? I love german, and my musical project’s name have to be in german. At least part of it. It is Fegefeuer, and I liked it so much that it became the first part of my musical project name. Also, to be honest, and this is something that no much people knows, I think that if Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise would exist really, I would go to Purgatory for sure. I don’t think I am a bad person but I have my fails and I am not perfect, so a walk through the Purgatory would be the most probable.


            Anilmathiel is a word that came much later. We can say that Anilmathiel, that is a word that probably don’t exist in any language (in real languages for sure that not) and for me, can mean all the good things, like, for example, be in the mountain breathing fresh wind, to stay with fire in a cold night, next to the waters of a river... well. That meaning is because one thing, that it’s the most important. That is just a general meaning you can think about if you apply for yourself. Now, is it an invented word? Yes and no. It was a word I found when searching names in elvish.
           Finally, Anilmathiel actually is a word in a language I have invented (in process) for my book The Lays of Assiriand: the Aëlmin language. Anilé means “star” in Aëlmin, and –iel is a termination for feminine nouns. Yes, I don’t know for now what could mean –math– but it doesn’t matter. Eventually I will add a meaning to that too. So, in my book eventually will appear a character named Anilmathiel Naltarieth.

The Symbol

            The Symbol you can see above Fegefeuer is a celtic symbol that means eternal love. It is formed by two triskels. A triskel is a celtic symbol that represents the power of the number three. Each triskel have three peaks, that represent the three aspects of a person: body, mind and soul. When the two triskels are together, it draws a circle, that represents the eternal love, the life and the eternity. So, the symbol represents two persons together, merged in body, mind, and soul in eternal love.

Herthenarth Námereth

            Some of you may have seen that I call myself Herthenarth Námereth. From where comes that? In my book there is a character that represents me. And that character is Herthenarth Námereth. Herthenarth comes from Aëlmin language Herthen–  “heart” (you can see similarities with the german word Herz) and –arth masculine termination. Just as Naltarieth, I have no translation for Námereth yet, just I liked it. 


            As you can see, the meaning of all my project have a lot of importance for me. Fegefeuer Anilmathiel is not only a musical project. Is the project of my life, including art, where music is. That’s why if you enter my main blog (the spanish one) you see history of art things. 

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