Nanë e Ceaneth

Nanë e Ceaneth

Nan e Ceaneth
Nan e Nuin
Nanë e Assiriand (Old Main Title)
Nostalgic Time from Ciriliand
Nan e Ceaneth (narration)
Nan e Nuin (narration)

The Creation of Unir and the Coming of the Shadow are the main events of the old tales of the universe. Then the Ruin of Helíriand happened, and with this, all the worlds of the Perennsil were in danger due to the influence of Mínireth and the Nameless and the power of the Shadow Lieutenants. The title "Nanë e Ceaneth" means "Lays of Creation"

For more information about the Creation, take a look to "Ceaneth" clicking here

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