Ceaneth e Unir
Sonë i Landë
Marath e Ninnass
Desarinath e Mínireth
Tídial e Nuin
Crinial e Sonë

Eagle Nebula, image from Space Engine

Unir is the universe where all these legends happened. It was created by Assian long ago. In the center is the Perennsil Nebula, along with the Seven Worlds. The nature of Unir is unknown for the moment. Greater things will be discovered with the passing of the eras.

The Primordial Beings are Assian the Thought, creator of Unir, and Émial the Faith, that with Assian, created the Sonë, the Children.
“At the beginning there was the one called Assian, the Thought. Nobody know too much about his history nor his ancient existence, all the Aelmë know about this strange living being is known by them through the Perennsil, his most perfect creation. In the beginning of the times, where nor space, nor surface existed, Assian did. He was a strange being impossible to describe, because he wasn’t also corporeal, because even being able to be it, he wouldn’t have space to move, because it didn’t exist. No time nor distance existed too. Nothing could be measured nor felt. That being was there, without even know about his own existence.”
"With the passing of the millenia other being appeared. It was called Émial, the Faith. Assian and Émial were reunited in the place called as The Chambers, and there they created life: the called Sonë, the Sons."
The choirs sing “Assian” and “Émial”.

The Sonë were named Anamath, Eramiel, Aumial, Pirenath, Niathiel, Mínireth and Níssiriel. They had the task to create one world each one, and the most beautiful world would have the first race. Anamath created Norgidiand, Eramiel created Ciriliand, Aumial created Midiand, Pirenath created Asgariand, Niathiel created Esteliand, Mínireth created Helíriand, and Níssiriel created Assiriand. The world of Níssiriel was the most beautiful and she created the Aelmë, the Children of the Stars. But Mínireth also wanted to create a race so, without ask for permission, he created the Helimard, Children of the Energy. Finally, Assian and Émial allowed them all to create a race. Anamath created the Nordmar, Children of the Leaves. Eramiel created the Caelfim, Children of the Sky. Aumial created the Misanie, Children of the Tears. Pirenath created the Asgranes, Children of the Sun. And Niathiel created the Estelim, Children of Light.
The choirs sing first “Sonë”, and later “Anamath Eramiel Aumial Pirenath Niathiel Mínireth Níssiriel Sonë”.

Mínireth had observed how the stars began to die. Nameless creatures came to Unir from the depths of the cosmos. The also called Shadows are of strange nature and they only want to Balance the universe with their evil. The Birth of the Nameless is known in the worlds of the Perennsil to happen in year 227 of the First Era, but this is the date when the Nameless come to the Perennsil. Their nature is very ancient. Mínireth was sent to investigate them. The Nameless will influence Mínireth, saying him that the worlds are prisons to torture life, and that the worlds belong to the creators, not to the creations. Finally the inevitable will happen.

Mínireth will try that Niathiel, his most beloved companion, ally with him, but she didn’t agree. Mínireth, the Lord of Emptiness, was passing through a hard time. He was not evil, but he agreed with the words of the Nameless. The sadness will become in madness, and he will go to his world, Helíriand, to claim him as yours and to destroy the Helimard if it is necessary.

The Ruin of Helíriand happened in year 232 of the First Era. The world of Helíriand was destroyed by his creator, Mínireth, and the Helimard race was almost extinguished. Only a few could survive in the short but great Bagor e Tesdíal, as the Aelmë called it, the Battle of the Three Days. After the Ruin, the Land of Energies would be called Land of the Devastated, and Mínireth would rule in the region of Angamard, in the north.

After the Ruin of Helíriand, Mínireth will go to the lands of Assiriand and he will influence the Aelmë to follow his path. This is the birth of the Corrupts, and among them, Six Lieutenants are risen. They are known as the Aancë, or Shadow Lieutenants, the Children of the No-Stars. Their names are long forgotten, but they are known by other names. Morgathrond of the Blood Hands will go to Norgidiand. Sámmanath the Bearer of Darkness will go to Ciriliand. Maethond the Hunger Caller will go to Midiand. Durcharath the War Minion will go to Asgariand. Nínhirath the Pestilent will go to Esteliand. And Mossirath the Deadly will remain in Assiriand. Their task is to conquer the worlds in the name of Mínireth. And meanwhile, Mínireth will rule over the devastated lands of Helíriand, having corporeal form.
The choirs sing “En Aancesë síerasë conenë Mossirath Morgathrond Sámmanath Maethond Durcharath Nínhirath Aancë”. The first sentence means “In Aancë will be converted”.

The Sonë couldn’t do nothing to help their creations due to the unknown nature of the Nameless creaturas. The races are alone. They must survive and fight or perish. Times of war have come to Unir.

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