Norse trilogy conclusion


Finally the Norse Era comes to its end. For me this year has been a transition, where I have experienced new ways to create music, and at same time, I have discovered that this is the way of composition that really makes me to want to create music. But not this way concretely, because as I say, this year has been of transition. The covers have also finished. Before to say farewell I want to give thanks to various persons, because without them, the Norse Trilogy wouldn't be the same. Firstly I want to thank Heiko Schmidt, because without him, the lyrics in german in the first two cds wouldn't exist. He helped me with translation. Secondly I want to thank Fredrik Berntsen, because without him, the norwegian translation of the lyrics of the third album wouldn't exist too. And finally I want to thank Hildr Valkyrie for her collaboration as singer in the third album, giving me the possibility to experiment with female vocals. And now... what the future holds for me? What will be of Fegefeuer Anilmathiel hereafter? A new Fegefeuer Anilmathiel will rise, deeper and more epic than ever. The path is ready.

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